Our Vision

Lve life wants to be able to create a positive change to as many people as possible. We encourage and counsel clients on a range of professional and personal issues. Life coaching is distinct from giving advice, consulting, counselling, mentoring and administering therapy.

Lve life will allow people access Joel and or his specialists through 1on1 sessions, through which they can undertake their personal development and start to have a better understanding of themselves. We also offer the possibility to subscribe to his website and receive weekly blogs, as well as receiving coaching. The latter can offer the individual solutions to the struggles they are facing, as well as increase their confidence and have an impact over their motivation. Both Joel and our coaches are always happy to answer people’s questions and offer booking for events and media (Lve life gives the business a larger platform to reach more and change more people’s lives for the better).

Our main mission is to help people overcome their problems, no matter their nature: promotions, break ups, family problems, stress, anxiety, depression etc. We are trying to help them become the better versions of themselves through self-discovery, which can lead to discovery of their problems and therefore to their solutions as well. Through giving them the chance to rediscover themselves, they can gain a sense of leadership over their own life, re-gain their self-confidence, have a better sense of motivation and gain the life skills necessary to reach the goals they set for themselves.

What We Can Help You With

Lve Life seeks to create a positive change in your life. We want to help people to maximise their potential by helping them develop as a person.  With a range of different resources as well as specialist one on one sessions with our founder Joel, we can help you in a variety of different ways.

With Lve Life we can provide both business and personal coaches, who will work with you face to face online through our website.


Creating personalised strategies which are bespoke to you, we will work with you to overcome any obstacles you may be facing in your personal life.  Our one to one coaching will concentrate on personal development.  The aim is to get you to stop trying to live up to the expectations of others and instead regain your own purpose. Furthermore, we will help you increase your confidence and help you to become more self-aware.  We will provide you with the tools to explore your inner self and work out who you really are.  You will leave our sessions feeling motivationally uplifted and ready to face your troubles head on. Teaching what they do not in schools, wealso provide life skills and development strategies for people aged 11-21. 


Through motivational key note speaking, group and team coaching, one on one executive coaching and business strategising we will increase your confidence making it easier to present and speak up in front of a crowd, ensuring your voice is heard in the workplace.  We will offer great advice on how to grow your business and beat the competition, helping you and your business succeed.

Individuals who partner with coaches have reported amazing benefits including those below:

*According to ICF (International Coach Federation) Global Coaching Client Study