At Lve Life we strive to help people in overcoming their fears, anxieties, depression and other stress or personality related problems they may encounter. Founded by Joel Hopwood, he has managed to help and support others through their own struggles by offering motivational speaking, personal development and life coaching. 

When talking about life coaching some people may misunderstand the concept, which is why the simplest way to describe it is through the quote of Rumi, ‘what you seek is seeking you’. Life coaching goes beyond consulting, counselling or therapy, it is a process that addresses direct personal struggles that someone is facing, which makes it into a discovery of one’s self. In this discovery people may be facing a variety of issues that are or may have happened in their life such as stress, depression or social inclusion. These aspects are something that a life coach may approach as they can be experienced by more people.

Although we have clarified what life coaching is, there are still questions that need to be answered before fully understanding why someone would benefit from life coaching, so we have gathered a few of the most asked questions we encountered so far.

What does a life coach do?

A life coach will be able to connect with their client on a personal level and create a partnership which will seek to:

A life coach is a person, thoroughly qualified to help you identify your goals and develop an actionable plan to achieve them, someone who helps you to maximise your full potential and reach your desired results. But you may ask, what does one need to become a life coach? Well, just like any other coach, one needs to have experience, enthusiastic support, objective perspective and the insight of a coach. A life coach is a motivational speaker, is a person that can encourage others to be the best version of themselves they can be and possess a sense of leadership that inspires others to find themselves and set out life goals they have not thought of before.

A life coach is a person that helps you in your personal development and is trained in offering career advice, support and help, as well as possessing the life skills to offer each client motivation and personal support. On your sessions with your chosen life coach you will be able to get close and analyse your situation enough to create a strategy to help meet your individual goals, which are specifically tweaked to maximise your potential. The best personal coach is the one who has a well-developed sense of the challenges you are facing, which allows him or her to design the right method of approach and training so that you can reach beyond your goals in the best ways. Your life coach needs to be sure that you are fit to undertake any of the challenges you face, so that you can expect only the best results.

What can a Life coach do for you?

Life coaching and personal development can be compared to any other sport, where the coach needs to have both the experience and intuition to understand what the mental and physical limits of their athletes are. At Lve Life our coaches have been trained to develop those precise skills where they can sense exactly where you are in your professional and personal journey and can help you by setting goals. Just like a sports coach they offer motivational speeches which will help you through your personal development and give you the self-confidence you need. They have the necessary life skills to use those sensibilities to train you to be prepared emotionally, mentally, tactically and technically for each and every challenge on your list. These skills will allow you to achieve your goals.

How can life coaching with Lve Life impact upon your life?

Lve Life encourages and counsels’ clients on a range of professional and personal issues. Life coaching is distinct from giving advice, consulting, counselling, mentoring and administering therapy. A life coach can help you with specific professional projects, personal life goals and transitions. A coach at Lve Life will help you grow by analysing your current situation, identifying existing and potential challenges and obstacles you face and devising a custom plan of action designed to help you achieve specific outcomes in your life. Life coaching at Lve Life will give you back the control in your life to achieve all the above.

All these aspects of the process all work together to allow the client to maximise his or her potential and increase productivity for the person that undertakes the life coaching.