About Us

Lve life is founded by Joel Hopwood in 2018 and is an incorporated form of his Free Your Mind business which he started in 2012.

Joel has been working in the corporate world in Banking for over 10 years and has managed large teams successfully and looked after large portfolios of over 2,500 business and commercial customers. He also has other businesses including a small takeaway in London and has previously worked as a personal trainer specialising in postural correction, weight-loss and childhood obesity.

Joel has always had a passion for helping and supporting others. He has supported hundreds of people through promotions, break ups, family problems, stress, anxiety and spoken to thousands on variety of different subject matters.  Moreover, Joel is qualified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP Practitioner) and has qualifications in Hypnotherapy.

Like many others, he has gained life skills which help him in life coaching others and giving them personal support in overcoming their obstacles. His mission is to change lives everywhere, create breakthroughs and allow people to re-discover themselves.

Free Your Mind was all about personal development teaching people how to create a positive mindset through a variety of techniques and methods. This is to help people to overcome stress, anxiety, fear of failure, self-confidence, motivation and many other problems that people feel they are struggling with.

At Lve Life we will create a personalised and robust strategy to grow and support people along the way to take action, overcome the obstacles in their lives and develop the right mindset to take their personal and professional life to the next level. All our teams of life coaches have a perfect understanding of any type of struggle people may encounter and know how to create a customised strategy so that they will be overcome.

Most people feel that are most in need of help are those that feel it is tiresome to live up to the expectations of others and forget to think about what they actually want. Lve Life can help anyone regain that sense of purpose and empower individuals to redefine their route in life, overcome the obstacles and come up with the right solutions for them. We are here to help you increase your confidence and give you the motivation you need to follow the goals you set. The lack of confidence can be a huge factor in people’s unhappiness. Through our carefully constructed strategies people can empower themselves to leave their comfort zones, increase their confidence and therefore be better equipped to make decisions, stretch themselves and seek out opportunities to achieve their goals.

Our purpose is to help people discover themselves and make them more self-aware. Our life coaches can give our clients tools they need to explore their inner-self and work out who they really are. Being more self-aware empowers them to build better relationships, identify what matter to you and understand your values. By re-evaluating yourself you can create a more fulfilling life.